Saturday Night Takeaway

Ok so it may only be Saturday lunchtime but it’s never to early to prepare for situations where you might not be able to make the healthy choices you want to when it comes to your food.

This lunchtime I came back from hockey practice STARVING! Resisting the temptation to just raid the fridge I quickly heated up the wok and decided that in the time it would have taken me to order in a takeaway I could easily cook a stir fry.

And so can you. Using a wok is cheap, quick and easy.
All you need is a bit of oil, some chicken, prawns or other lean meat, a few vegetables, some noodles, chinese 5 spice and a dash of soy sauce …


Saturday Night Takeaway

In the UK, the average person spends more a week on takeaway food than they do on fresh food and vegetables. But why not combine the two?

When eating out at a restaurant there is often a variety of both better cooking methods and fresh ingredients providing more healthy options available on the menu. When it comes to take away food however we are in far more dangerous territory.

If you are going to order in a takeaway make sure you stick with some simple rules and avoid fried or battered dishes, fatty meats like pork or pepperoni opting for dishes that are grilled or steamed and include as many vegetables as possible.

For more ideas check out the NHS website with its many great resources

P.S. To make today’s takeaway along with other quick and easy recipes visit for tips and ideas with content being added all the time.


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