Smash the stereotype: Try something new!

If you are a slave to cardio training, spending long periods running or on the cross-trainer at the gym then smash the stereotype and try something new!

I started off like most girls believing ‘cardio’ and ‘watching what I ate’ was the answer to my weight loss and to boosting my confidence and body image.

However like 90% of females still out there I was WRONG!

From the day I started my fitness career to my life now owning my own personal training studio I have studied and learnt, tried things that worked and things that didn’t and over the years my opinions have changed A LOT!

Ask yourself this;

Why is it that those people who religiously go to the gym week in and week out never seem to change shape or get fitter, stronger or leaner bodies?

Why do people who swear by weight loss clubs constantly find that their weight fluctuates year in and year out without any real lasting success?

I encourage you to smash the stereotype and try something new!
Go against the gym etiquette and ignore what the magazines say.

Let’s go crazy!

My Top Training Tips

1. Train with resistance (your own body, dumbbells, kettlebells, a swiss ball)

2. Do cardio at the end of your workout (for maximum fat burning)

3. Perform intervals rather than steady state aerobic exercise
(short bursts of work followed by short periods of rest)

4. Combine the TWO working the heart, lungs and muscles all at once
(try supersets or circuit training )

5. Vary your workouts to keep you body adapting and burning fat!

P.S. For more top tips on how to train keep reading the blog to learn new and more efficient ways to enjoy your exercise and get REAL results!


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