‘Fat Genes’ Fact or Fiction?

What is your opinion on the ‘fat gene’ … is it fact or is it fiction?


I was reading an article earlier that sparked off a conversation around the water cooler today. Could it be our genes that are making us fat?

Can you possess bad or fat genes that makes it harder for you to lose weight? 

When it comes to your metabolic rate, the faster your metabolism rate the easy it is going to be for you to lose or maintain your ideal weight.

But what about our genetics? Research shows that certain people do have what could be refered to as ‘fat genes’ however the interesting findings are that diet and exercise helps to supress these genes so that they may never become a problem.

This is the same with all genes, you may carry the gene but that doesn’t mean you will automatically be doomed and should give up all hope. 

To put it simply it’s like saying everyone can buy a tin of biscuits from the supermarket, they can even keep them in their cupboards at home, but you don’t HAVE to eat all the biscuits. It’s not inevitable – it’s your choice.

Remember it all comes back to that simple formula I introduced yesterday.

A healthy balanced diet combined with some effective exercise will be the magical solution you have been searching for in your fat loss journey.

It may be science, but its simples really!
Be all you can be, follow your dreams and acheive your goals … and why not enjoy your exercise and the benefits you will get along the way?

Fat genes – fact or fiction? Who cares!


October 8, 2009. Uncategorized.

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