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I receive countless emails on a daily basis like the one below, so if you h question you want answering please read on and post your comments!

Hi Megan,

I hope you dont mind me bothering you, but you did say if i had any
questions etc….
Getting really peeved off. 
For the last eight weeks I have literally worked my ass off.  I cycle at
least ten miles per day sometimes as much as 30 miles per day.  I train
with Lingby once a week and I go to the gym four other days doing a weight
circuit, squats, sit ups, etc. as well as running, uphill walking adn
the cross trainer.  My nutrition is good and I eat at regular four hour 
intervals, minimum sugar, minimum carbs, plenty of veg, fruit, protein,
and try to drink 2 litres of water per day.
However, I have not lost a single pound!!!  Have measured myself adn have
 lost about 1 inch off my tummy and one inch off my hips.  Big deal.
This week I had sickness and diahorrea for 2 days, got on the scales today, and  STILL no weight loss.
It didnt used to be this hard.  Before my knee injury I was 4 stone
 lighter. I exercised and ate well, i know my stuff (well more than average
 joe does) yet its not coming off.  Have even been to the doctors about it,
where they prescribed the strongest weight loss pills on the market, YET
still no weight loss.  They have done thyroid checks etc, but no

Hey Louise,

I appreciate you must be feeling extremely frustrated. It’s not fair that you seem to be doing everything anyone would ask of you, putting in a lot of hard work but not getting the results you deserve.

From my experience it is all about shaking things up, maybe doing something particularly different to cause what is called the overload principle which means you put demands on your body that are above normal levels so your body is shocked into making changes to adapt to the new demands.

This means that you might want to spend the next couple of weeks changing up your routine to include less cycling and something brand new like running, kettlebells or supersets with your exercise and then a more radical diet change like no carbohyrates before exercise or on non workout days (this means no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) but things like yogurt, nuts, seeds, fruit, veg, meat, fish, beans etc.

Also things like hydration (drinking water and cutting down on caffeine and alcohol) and sleep (getting a good 7-8 hrs a night) and more importantly stress (which can lead to high cortisol levels which means you store fat) should all be looked at as these factors can seriously stall fat loss.

Try not to be dishearted though, it is a tricky thing to diagnose without having trained with you but as an inspirational story I have a client who has not lost weight in a year and since I brought it up with her (gave her strict instructions and a bit of a telling off) has lost 1 stone in a month. We’ll keep brainstorming and come up with something.

Let me know what you think to the ideas (you may feel like you have already tried them all!)


P.S. Got a weight loss question you want answering? Please post comment or email your concerns or queries to


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